Owerri: Federal Polytechnic Nekede Holds 45th Matriculation In Style

A foremost Nigerian tertiary institution, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, has held its 45th matriculation amid pomp and colours. The event which took place Thursday at the ceremonial ground of the school saw the colourful procession of the Rector, principal officers and academics of the polytechnic.

In an address at the occasion, the Rector, Engr. Dr. Michael Arimanwa, congratulated thousands of students at the ceremony who were administered the oath of matriculation, reminding them to aim at graduating meritoriously. He also urged them to see their educational journey as a planting season which would yield bountiful results when cultivated well.

“My dear matriculants, let it be very clear to you that this is the planting season for you in the vineyard of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, therefore plant good seeds for the time of plucking up that which you planted will surely come.”

The Rector further reeled out some templates of success to the freshmen, reminding them that their parents/guardians sent them to become professionals in their disciplines. “You fresh students, must start from your very first lectures to show serious commitment to your studies. Do all your assignments and tests. Do not miss any classes and if you do, copy notes, revise topics and avoid tutorials by students who may damage what your lecturers have taught you.”The polytechnic chief also harped on the centrality of character and learning to their graduation as students.

“At the end of your studies, the Academic Board will pronounce you a graduate only if you have been found worthy in character and learning. This means your character must define your personality and achievements. Character must at all times be clean and unquestionable so that you do not constitute an embarrassment to yourself and family, department and institution.”

The matriculation afforded the Rector the opportunity to declare the zero-tolerance of the polytechnic to all forms of indecent dressing and cultism.

He therefore urged students to purge their minds of immoral thoughts as the institution would not tolerate students who engage in anti-social acts, adding that the penalty of rustication awaits such dissident fellows.

The polytechnic as a bastion of academic excellence was reiterated by Rector Arimanwa as he warned matriculants to avoid cohabitation, examination malpractice and late night keeping, because they are inimical to any bountiful academic harvest. He stated that the institution had maintained an unbeatable record of being the best performing and most-sought-after polytechnic in Nigeria.

The new students were also reminded that the Federal Polytechnic Nekede is an ICT-driven institution with defined digital processes from admission, registrations to virtual learning platforms. The Rector revealed that the success of his Smart Campus Initiative has eliminated bottlenecks associated with analogue systems. He advised students to explore the virtual library services to be advanced in their academic pursuits.

The climax of the event was the administration of matriculation oath on the new students, where they pledged to abide by the laws governing the polytechnic.

In a response, one of the matriculants, Victory Okoro of the Accountancy Department, expressed appreciation to the Rector for taking the institution to great heights. On behalf of all the matriculants, she pledged absolute loyalty to the authorities of the institution, promising to abide by her laws so as to be found worthy in character and learning.

In the end, the Rector announced scholarship to some students who distinguished themselves in their registration processes, one ofwhich included Uche Chijioke, an ND student of Computer Engineering.

A combination of a live band and Boys’ Brigade band kept the atmosphere of the occasion warm and animated.

13 April, 2023.

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