Tinubu to unveil solution to banditry in North West

President Bola Tinubu will soon unveil a new method of resolving banditry and killings in the North West in the next few weeks that will involve both military and non military solutions to the crises in the region.

This was announced by the Vice President, Kashim Shetima in Kano while addressing newsmen after a condolence visit.

He explained that the crises in the region is associated with poverty and social exclusion which president Tinubu will also render solution to.

He further stated that president Tinubu is addressing the root causes of all the banditry and insurgency in the region to which a solution will be unveiled soon.

“The president is determined to redefine the meaning and concept of modern governance.

“And the crises we have in the North West, further associated with poverty and social exclusion is something that the president is determined to confront.

“In the coming weeks he is coming up and is going to unveil the ‘Fulaku’ solution.

“Unless we want to engage in an endless war of attrition, there cannot be a military solution to the crises in the North West, there has to be a kinetic and non kinetic solution.

“President Bola Tinubu in the next couple of weeks will unveil the ‘Fulaku’ solution which will address the grievances and the social exclusion of our Fulani cousins in the North West.

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