Just In: Man butchers friend over wrap of marijuana

A misunderstanding over a wrap of marijuana led one Mkpor to hack his friend, known as Tunde, to death with a machete on Christmas Eve.

The incident took place in Aduma ward, Mkpani in Yakkur Local Government Area in central Cross River.

Reports from the area, which is about 120 kilometres away from Calabar, say Mkpor bought a wrap of marjuna from Tunde and refused to pay leading to verbal exchange.

A source in the area, Okona, told Vanguard that the assailant went to the “bunk” where Tunde sells marijuana and smoked one wrap of the weed but refused to pay.

This made Tunde to ban him from going to his bunk.

“I understand he was fond of causing trouble in the bunk each time he went there. And on this occasion he ordered for a wrap of marjuna and after smoking he refused to pay.

“This prompted Tunde, who operates the place, to order him out with instructions that he should not visit the place again.

“The order irked the young man and he threatened to kill Tunde any time he sees him outside the bunk.

“On Wednesday afternoon, Tunde went towards our new market to buy some stuff and Mkpor followed him.

“When Tunde turned to look who was walking behind him, Mkpor threw a big stone which hit him on his forehead and he fell.

“He then brought out a machete and hacked off his Tunde’s ight hand causing him to bleed to death.

“The youths of the community allegedly rose in anger and set the family house of Mkpor ablaze.”

Ms Irene Ugbo, Cross River Police Command spokesman said anti-riot policemen have been deployed to the area to restore normalcy.

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