Super Cup semi-final match decided after 34 penalty kicks

It took 34 penalty kicks before Modern Future football club to finally beat Pyramids FC 14-13 in a nerve-shredding shootout in the Egyptian Super Cup semi-finals on Monday.

This was after the contest had ended in a 0-0 draw.

Modern Future, who will face either Al Ahly or Ceramica Cleopatra in the final match, squandered three spot kicks.

Pyramids lost the match after missing a fourth penalty kick at Abu Dhabi’s Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium.

Pyramids defender Osama Galal wasted two penalty kicks, including the decisive one that sealed victory for Modern Future.

It felt like the Egyptian Super Cup semi-final shootout was never-ending. But it was well short of the 54 penalty kicks taken when Washington FC beat Bedlington Terriers 25-24 last year.

That was in a local cup match in England.

A 2005 Namibian Cup match between KK Palace and Civics featured 48 penalty kicks. (NAN)

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