10 NYSC members depart Abuja for Overseas on youth exchange programme

ABUJA – Ten members of the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) are set to depart Abuja for the Republic of India on Sunday, as part of a Youth Exchange Programme organized by the Indian National Cadet Corps.

The annual event honours India’s Independence Anniversary and attracts young participants from various continents including Europe, Asia, and Africa.

During the pre-departure briefing at the Indian High Commission in Abuja, the NYSC Director General, Brigadier General YD Ahmed, expressed his gratitude for the invitation to partake in the programme, which marks the second time Nigerian youths will have this opportunity.

“We are deeply honored to receive this invitation, and we see it as another chance to highlight the capabilities of Nigerian youths as well as to understand our socio-economic parallels and divergences with India,” stated Ahmed.

Furthermore, the Director General emphasized the diversity within Nigeria and the central role of NYSC in fostering national unity and development.

He stated, “The NYSC is dedicated to promoting unity and development, and we remain committed to forging partnerships that support our noble goals.”

General Ahmed also pointed out that insights gained from interactions with the Indian National Cadet Corps would be beneficial in enhancing NYSC’s own programs.

He charged the selected Corps Members to represent Nigeria with exemplary behavior, upholding the Core Values of the Scheme.

In his address, the Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Shri Balasubramanian, highlighted the shared traits between Nigeria and India, such as their substantial populations and diverse cultures. “

” This exchange programme will not only allow Nigerian youths to present their rich cultural heritage but also provide them with a platform for international friendship and understanding,” said the High Commissioner.

Balasubramanian praised the NYSC for its contributions to Nigerian development and noted the Scheme’s unique alignment with India’s National Cadet Corps as a reason for its selection.

He assured the Director General of a memorable and impactful experience for the Corps Members, while also expressing the Indian Government’s pleasure with the previous delegation’s participation during the 75th Independence Anniversary.

“To the Corps Members, I say, embrace this opportunity to make global connections and immerse yourself in India’s vast cultural and historical wealth, not to mention the cuisine,” Balasubramanian advised, underscoring that all expenses for the trip are covered by the Indian Government.

The Youth Exchange Programme is seen as an avenue for international cultural exchange and leadership development, with the Corps Members expected to return enriched by the diverse experiences they will encounter.

Eddy Megwa, the Director of Press and Public Relations, underscored the importance of such programmes in broadening the horizons of Nigerian youths and creating opportunities for cross-cultural collaborations.

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