Buhari must learn something from this

Buhari must learn something from this…

Wike is leading the way in how best to be a in charge.
Sacking left, right and centre. Disengaging every other duly employed civil servant in the state whom he feels had sympathy for or gave support to the Rotimi Amaechi administration, while his party and his minstrels of social media hail him to high heavens.

When Buhari talked about probing past administration, everyone shouted that he should start from pre-colonial era but no one has told Nyesom Ezenwo Wike to extend his New Rivers Vision to Dr. Peter Odili’s tenure.

These pictures show how Wike brazenly badged into the home of Ibim Sementari, immediately past Rivers state commissioner for information, to remove a car allegedly belonging to the state.
PMB must quickly adopt this strategy, which is being applauded by Wike’s fans, to retrieve every other property of the Government in the hands of all the people that served in the immediate past administration.

The face off between Governor Adams Oshiomhole and Chief Ogomudia of Benin, over vehicles given to him by the Osunbor Administration quickly comes to mind. The Governor’s attempt to take possession of public vehicles was blown to roof tops, and the Governor was deemed to have been on vendetta, even though he had properly passed the information across, in writing.


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