War Of Cakes

Somewhere on this Blogosphere, a set of young people have elected to engage a Government appointee in a war of cakes.

Sometimes, my heart goes out to our politicians. Arguably the most maligned, the most vilified and demonized of the lot.

When they contest, we milk them dry. A reason why the poor people with noble ideals and big ideas never dare to aspire.

When they demand jumbo pay, we shout them down, hound them and scream OCCUPY this and that.

But night and day we besiege them, for the lure of cash. There, we would have them use public funds to buys us by-products of Tar, rather than have them Tar our roads!

Woe be-tide them if they turn down even the least of our selfish request, we remember our right to “Freedom of Speech”, only this time, geared to pull them down.


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