Ihedioha has no life outside politics – Ikenna Dozie . 

Ihedioha has no life outside politics – Ikenna Dozie .

A renowned journalist and blogger, Mr Ikenna Dozie has reacted to the distraction of the state government by the former Deputy Speaker Mr Emeka Ihedioha.

In his reaction while speaking to newsmen, Dozie said it’s sad that it is only in Nigeria politicians don’t have second address and that is why they keep distracting government when they lose election. He challenged anyone to show him a business venture owned by Ihedioha in any part of Imo State, Nigeria or elsewhere apart from the abandoned and uncompleted hotel in new Owerri.

He said Gov Okorocha was a well known businessman, philanthropist and politician prior to being governor. Rochas Okorocha “ran for president twice as a private citizen, has schools all over Nigeria offering free education, owned a hotel chain, real estate investments and numerous businesses but what can you say of others? ” he asked.

The distractions against the Okorocha government from Mr Ihedioha is because he has nothing to occupy his time now that there is political position to milk from. Nobody calls him on phone, no one visits him, he is in political hibernation and to keep busy, he finds something or anything to express his sadness over his loss of the governorship election ” he concluded

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