Zahra Buhari gets new job

You may have heard or seen the news trending on social media, that Zahra Buhari now runs an office of the 1st Daughter of the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, and they posted these pictures as #EmpiricalEvidence.

The daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, Zahra, has received a new job as young woman posted some photos on her Twitter account. Zahra becomes new ACE charity ambassador at large.

She has signed charity agreement and shaken hands with a member of board – Mrs Emem Opashi.

ACE (Assisting caring and empowering) charity is a non-profit organisation making a sustainable, realistic and effective difference in the lives of Africans.

A peep close look at the ceramic mug on the table would reveal the inscription of the ACE logo as further proof of this fact.

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