A Government ago

                                A Government ago
(Apologies to Ibiwari Ikiriko, Oily Tears of The Delta)

The Us and Them dichotomy and why we are way better…

A government ago, we had a leadership that so lacked confidence in itself that it blamed every other mis-harp on sabotage and conspiracy.

Boko Haram, they said, was a conspiracy and Buhari was said to be their leader.
Fuel scarcity was a conspiracy, plotted to tarnish the image of the innocent lamb caged in the Zoo.

A government ago…
Opposition was a conspiracy. They just won’t accept that the ruling party should exist in monopoly and rule in excess of six decades.
Corruption hype was a conspiracy. People just love to blow whistle!

A government ago…
The media was biased as they all were being bankrolled by the opposition. Certainly, the ruling party had no need invest in the media, except of course to air hour-long documentaries for Lions in Ubima and Bourdillion.
Labour union was a conspiracy.They hoodwink the government into signing agreements they were not going to fulfill.

A government ago…
It was better to give a few Niger-Delta militant leaders billions of petro-Dollar oil surveillance contracts rather than clean up the Delta, provide infrastructure and implement UNEP report.
It was not enough to pardon convicted rogues, it is necessary in some cases to get supreme court to vacate their conviction and set the tone for their appointment into public offices.

                                  Francis Udoka Ndimkoha, a public analyst and Media consultant, 

                                     displays a copy of Naija No dey Carry Last by Pius Adesanmi
What was accepted as “conspiracy” by the HERO worshipers of A government ago, is now generally accepted as inability and helplessness of the government of today.

When a celebrated media mogul, a top notch of A government ago and the propeller of the Lions’ documentary suddenly declares, to our utter consternation that it was wrong to have fielded the presidential candidate of A government ago, the stark reality of who the real #Hypocrites are strikes us in the face!

The difference between us and them is that we don’t keep calm when things go wrong, or hide under the cover of conspiracy.
The much celebrated #REMITA gate, right or wrong, was a whistle blown by a member of the ruling party of today
The Anticipatory Asset Declaration saga of the leadership of the Red chambers was a case filed by members of the ruling party.
Today, we are everywhere, giving voices to the need to fulfill electoral promises, Aisha too!
We decry the hike in fuel price, hoarding of petroleum products to create artificial scarcity and the failure of Department of Petroleum Resources to enforce the N87 price regime even when oil prices have hit the rocks, globally.

We scream to the roof top that light situation has returned to the pre-May 29 situation; public power on standby, generator in use.
we raise our voices when we observed the neglect of youths in the newly constituted Federal Executive Council.
We have not failed to lament the lopsided appointments of today.

This, obviously is a departure from A government ago.

– Francis Udoka Ndimkoha

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