“IMO State multi-Door court house” underway, courtesy of Hon. Barr. Innocent Arthur Egwim

… says Alternative Dispute Resolution will help curb incidence of justice delayed

The member representing Ideato North state constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon. Arthur Egwim “Akuabata”, seeks to provide a legal framework for a Court-connected alternative dispute resolution centres in the High court premises.

This is sequel to A Bill for a Law to establish the Imo State Multi-Door Court House and for other connected matters sponsored by Hon. Arthur Egwim, which went through third reading, today, in the Imo State House of Assembly, and now awaits executive accent.

The bill if signed into law will have for its overriding objectives:

1. Enhance access to justice by providing alternative mechanisms to supplement litigation in the resolution of disputes

2. Minimize citizen frustration and delays in justice delivery by providing a standard legal framework for the fair and efficient settlement of disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

3. Serve as focal point for the promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Imo State

4. Promote growth and efficient functioning of the justice system through Alternative Dispute Resolution methods.

The Imo Multi-Door CourtHouse which is otherwise known as IMDC will be set up as a non-profit body, corporate with perpetual  succession and a common seal and will among other functions, Apply mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation and other ADR mechanisms in the resolution of such disputes as may from time to time be referred to the IMDC, from the High court of justice, IMO State, courts of other jurisdictions outside IMO State, Federal Court, private persons, corporations, public institutions, and disputes Resolution Organizations while encouraging disputing parties to appear before the IMDC for the resolution of disputes.

This is a bold step towards speedy dispute resolution which will eventually take a heavy load off the shoulder of the judiciary and the law enforcement agencies, courtesy of Barr. Sir Arthur Egwim

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