Celebrating Ugwumba Uche Nwosu @ 42


On 8th August, 2017 the pragmatic,
 indefatigable Chief of Staff of Imo State Government Ugwumba Uche Nwosu will clock 42 Already felicitations has been pouring in like rains from all nooks and crannies of the state and country at large.

   Born into the family of late Rev Daniel Nwosu and Jemaimah of Eziama Obaire in Nkwerre Local Government Area of Imo State, Nwosu has risen through the ranks to become the Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor of Imo State Government under the Rescue mission Administration, led by His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. This was made possible by two most important factors; the grace and hand of God over his life, His hard work resilience, trustworthiness and special dedication to duty.

His milk of human kindness knows no bound. Having come from a humble background, God has showered his favor on him. The leadership instinct has been inherent in him right from childhood, endowment from God. He first manifested his leadership prowess as a student union leader when he served meritoriously as the director of transport in Imo State University (IMSU) in the annals of Student Union Government of the school.

    Nwosu was first appointed Deputy Chief of Staff on 2011 at the inception of the Rescue mission administration, a position he distinguished himself. He was found worthy of a higher responsibility, resulting in him being appointed the Commissioner for Lands, Housing and Urban Development. Again while serving in that capacity, he distinguished himself by bringing total turn-around in the ministry, making it the cynosure of all eyes. As the commissioner for lands, he won an award as best commissioner- in Urban development in Nigeria. His exploits in the ministry, including; Creating the innovative Imo Lands and Lands, developing a digital C of O for the State made among others feats him to stay in the ministry as the longest serving commissioner.

  Having positioned the ministry on an irreversible pedestal of growth and sanity, his matter, the visionary and result oriented Governor of Imo State. His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha who has numerous activities in his transformation agenda for Imo State needed an active Chief of Staff who could match his own speed to package, organize, galvanize and anchor his programmes. He found none other than Ugwumba Uche Nwosu who could keep a pace with his highly demanding schedules. That is why at the commencement of the second tenure of the Governor in 2015, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu was appointed the Chief of Staff, Imo State Government House, a position he has again distinguished himself while bringing the office to limelight. As the Chief of Staff, Nwosu was overwhelmingly voted the overall best appointee of Rescue mission from 2011 to 2016 during an accountability programme organized by the Nigerian Union of Journalist. Members of the unbiased panel of judges that made the decision with the approval of Imo masses were drawn from the media, judiciary and the clergy.

  A man who giving and human empowerment is his second name, Nwosu could be described as the Public Relations (P.R) Personality of the Rescue mission. Through various NGOs, the list of those he has empowered and meaningfully transformed their lives are endless most of them are outside the shores of Nigeria and doing very well and helping others too. He has offered free Medical Treatment in the 27 Local Government Area of the State through Ugwumba Movement, an Organization made up of noble men, women and youths. Today the erudite chief of staff will be flagging of free Medical Treatment in Okigwe Local Government, Police field, there will be free eye surgeries, free minor surgeries dispensing of Drugs and free eye glasses.

   He was the Commissioner who started the programme of rewarding dedicated staff at end of every year with the luckiest of them winning brand new car, an idea he has been enlarging as years progress.

    The Ugwumba Gbuburu of Imo State is a known peace maker though not the S A on peace and conflict resolution in the state, the number of cases he has peacefully resolved, especially during his time as  Land Commissioner In most of the cases, he paid compensations and or released compensatory plots in lands acquired by past Governments many years ago. Through this he resolved conflicts in the areas, bringing prosperity and development to them because such resolutions and settlements, Imo now boasts of many layouts, making it possible for Companies and investors to troop into the state.

   Moreover when the Relationship between Government and the organized labor in the state looked volatile, the visionary Governor saw the charisma in him to broker peace in a very tensed atmosphere. He appointed him the Chairman, Government Labor Joint Committee with him in that position, the relationship between Government and labor in the state has been nothing short of rosy, cordial and symbiotic.

   As this real gem of our time celebrates his 42nd birthday, let us join his family members, entire Nkwerre people, the Rescue Mission Government , entire Imolites, Nigerians, his friends, Associates, Beneficiaries and well wishers all over the world to wish him a resounding happy birthday and  many fruitful years of service to God and humanity
To God be the Glory.

Written by
Onwuka Vivien (Mrs)
PRO to the Chief of Staff,IMGH.

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