The History of Knights Of St Mulumba, Nigeria in Uboma by Cajetan Eberendu (KSM)

The History of Knights Of St Mulumba Nigeria in Uboma, Ihitte-Uboma Local Government Area, Imo State, Nigeria. 

The Order Of Knights Of St Mulumba Nigeria was founded in Nigeria in 1953 with its initiation of 23 members at the Holy Ghost College, Owerri Chapel,  today known as The Bethlehem Of The Order. This first Initiation was preceded by a Benediction from Bishop Whelan the then Bishop of Owerri Diocese.

Since 1953, this prestigious Order has grown from 2 Sub Council to over 250 Sub Council across Nigeria, Cameroon and Uganda. As The Order was journeying around the country it was popular around the old Etiti comprising Obowu, Ihitte and Uboma until Sir SEK Iwueke KSM, KSS. From Ikperejere, Uboma was initiated in 1978 at the then Umuahia Sub Council before his initiation Sir Iwueke has already been elevated to The Papal Knight Of Slyvester in 1977. 

It was only Sir Iwueke until 1981 when Bro. Aloysius Uwakwe also from Ikperejere joined him at Umuahia in the same 1981 initiation year another this time from Lowa Bro. Boniface Kenkwo was initiated at Owerri these our early initiates worked tirelessly and served The Order in various capacities. At the creation of Okigwe diocese in 1981 our brothers together with other brothers of Okigwe extraction formed the pioneer members of the first sub Council in the diocese called Okigwe Sub Council and our Uboma brother Aloy Uwakwe became the pioneer secretary. 

Their efforts continued and Okigwe Sub Council gave birth to Nsu Sub Council and later Sante Paule Osu Sub Council. Nsu Sub Council gave birth to Ehime, Ihitte and Obowu Sub Councils at Nsu our brothers also distinguished themselves and were also instrumental to the creation of Madonna Sub Council Ihitte and our Brother Raja I. C Ejiogu of the blessed memory became the second Grand Knight. It was under the leadership of Bro Raja I.C Ejiogu at Madonna Sub Council that the population of Uboma grew and by 2011 on the directives of then Supreme Knight Bro Anthony Onu that the Grand knight Ejiogu asked Uboma brothers to prepare for a Sub Council, immediately brothers swung into action and started meeting as Uboma deanery under the leadership of Bro Michael Ire all hands were on deck to ensure successful creation of Uboma Sub. 

At Sub Council meeting of 11th Jane, 2012 the then Supreme Knight Bro Anthony Onu in company of Metro Grand Knight emeritus Bro E. C Mejeh of blessed memory finalised the issue of Uboma Sub Council heralded with proclamation of the Supreme Knight and granting of charter to Bro Mark Ojukwu as the Pioneer Grand Knight, our Joy knew no bounds and on 12th June, 2012 was the formal inauguration and investiture of Bro Mark Ojukwu as the Grand knight at Christ The King Catholic Church Ikperejere, Uboma. The reception that followed was with pomp and pageantry. 

Today, Uboma Sub Council has grown in lips and bounds and has successfully transited from Bro Ojukwu to the current Grand Knight Bro Cajetan Onyekachi Eberendu. 

All to the glory God and happiness to all men of good will. 

 © Cajetan Eberendu (KSM)
Posted by Francis Udoka Ndimkoha

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