Bill Gates foundation opens new office in Abuja

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has opened a new office in Abuja.
The office, which is more spacious, BMGF said was an indication that it has come to stay and not thinking of leaving Nigeria anytime soon.

Already, the foundation said it has invested approximately $1 billion (N461b) in various intervention programmes in the last 10 years of its stay in the country.

The foundation said it has come to stay in Nigeria and not thinking of leaving anytime soon.

Chris Elias, President, Global Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced these at the opening of the new office in Abuja.

Elias said the opening of a bigger office in Nigeria is a confirmation that the foundation is in Nigeria to stay and to work for the general good of the people.

He said: “Over the last decade, the BMGF has invested approximately about $1 billion in Nigeria programmes.”

On how long the foundation is going to stay in Nigeria, Ellas said: “We don’t have any end date for our plans to be in Nigeria since the beginning of our work in health and agriculture, because Nigeria is such an important part of the African continent’s future.

“And so we will continue to work here in Nigeria with our broad range of partners for the definite future.”

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