That insult called Letter to PMB by Ayo Fayose

That insult called Letter to PMB by Ayo Fayose

I am yet to find words to describe the insult called letter which emanated fromMr.  Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state in which he implied that the President Muhammadu Buhari​ led APC government has no professionals, and at such, he is offering to nominate those who will bring a second opinion to the table.

Mr. Fayose, who made the request in a letter to the President dated May 31, 2015, said if the request was granted by the President, he would send a worthy and competent Ekiti professional for appointment in the federal executive council.

 He said, “Should the request be favourably disposed to, I shall be happy to nominate a worthy and competent professional who can always oblige your excellency and your cabinet the benefit of a second opinion in the serious business of governance.”

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