Breaking: Dr. Blessing Ijioma declares self “professor”

…Plans to hold on to power until Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri becomes a University

The journey to a full fledged and legally backed University of Education continued today in the Red chambers, as the Senate held a public hearing which is part of the process of upgrading the college of Education to a University of Education.

The venue was Conference room 022. Obviously, the very thought of this becoming a reality is the prime purpose of Dr. Blessing Ijioma’s insistence of continuing in office, against odds. This is a woman who got employment into the institution in 1977 and by 2017, has both attained the age of 65 and put in 40 years of service.

You may ask “how” she intends to achieve her scheming, and this is it;
While sitting in her office as Provost of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri, Dr. Blessing Ijioma has suddenly become a “Professor”, and insists on being addressed as such.

If her claims of being appointed a “Professor” at Evangel University, a recently approved private University, in far away Akaeze, Ebonyi state is anything to go by, then, it is easy to deduce that Dr. Ijioma is on her way to Jail!

For one thing, she can’t be a full staff of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education for the past 40 years, and suddenly became a Professor at Evangel University, without being a full staff there, which is a prerequisite for assessment before being appointed a Professor. If therefore she insists on being a Professor, then she was working full-time in two institutions and this is on it’s own a criminal offense.

All these desperation wouldn’t have been necessary if Dr. Blessing Ijioma honourably threw in the towel, in due time and etch her name, positively, in the annals of Alvan history but her insistence to hold on to power may rub off on her strides in the past seven years as a provost of the institution.

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