Ekomobong: Is FUTO an Anti-Research Ivory Tower?

…University grounds the research effort of her students

By Francis Udoka Ndimkoha

Sometime last year, precisely in November, a certain Aniekeme Finbarr posted on his Facebook page, about the research work of his younger brother, a Student of Federal University of Technology, Owerri, which caught my attention. It was solar powered Tricycle (Keke).

According to the update, his younger brother Ekomobong has produced a Solar powered Tricycle popularly known as ” Keke”, as his final year research project.

The report quickly caught my attention and I sent Finbarr a message requesting his younger brother’s contact, so as see the research work myself and be sure.

He obliged me, and I reached out to Ekomobong Aniekeme and agreed to visit him in school the next day. Next day, we set out FUTO, in company of Chux Ogu and Jideofor Aluka.

The students, a team of five students who worked on the solar powered Tricycle, received us and ushered us into the office of the Director of Public Procurement and research centre who told us after a chat to keep our findings to ourselves, “in the meantime” for reasons best known to her.

It is disheartening to note that nothing has been heard of such a laudable research effort till date, including the director’s promise to expose the lads to foreign donors for sponsorship and possibly, further research or studies.

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