Ebere Uneze: Salute to the Elephant 🐘 !!!

People don’t value what they have till lose it… I am not one of them.
Permit me to use this space to celebrate, Ikemba Eberechukwu Fortunate Uneze, Ph.D, Ikemba Umunwoha ófó ise, Executive Director, Assets Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON).

I celebrate an Imo Star 🌟, an Economist, an Erudite scholar, a cool calm and unassuming gentle man, a big shot who is not in a hurry to show it, a very friendly and highly approachable man, a distinctive philanthropic mind and Founder of Ebere Uneze Foundation which he has been empowering young people and setting them up in business.

Despite having been in existence for a while now, there is plan, in the pipeline, to officially announce the arrival of this foundation, and expand its catchment, to teach more people.
Salute to the elephant.

I celebrate you, sir!
May God continue to bless you, as you continue to bless many more.
Welldone, Ikemba Eberechukwu Uneze, Ph.D.
Ikemba Umunwoha.
I’m delighted to be associated with you.

– Francis Udoka Ndimkoha

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