Take Charge of Security In Your Domain, Gov. Uzodimma Tells Royal Fathers, LG Chairmen


…employing bottom top security architecture in his meeting with the Traditional Rulers and IMC Chairmen.

His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma had a security council meeting with the Traditional Rulers across the state and the Chairmen of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Local Government Areas (LGA).

The meeting wasn’t unconnected with the security challenges experienced in the state within the period under review. In attendance were the Leadership of the Imo Security Organization to form a synergy in establishing a Security Council within each community.

The Governor charged the Traditional Rulers and the IMC Chairmen to rise up to the occasion of securing their territory. In his words, “…this is the time to prove your rulership of your community”. I believe that introduction of another authority (either from government or from the hoodlums) within the community, would hinder the operation of the Traditional Rulers.

“Intelligence available indicates that these hoodlums are not just from neighboring states, but some are known to you and the onus lies within the Traditional Rulers to ensure that unfamiliar and familiar faces and activities are reported for appropriate actions Governor uzodimma said.

The Governor stated that complacency would no longer be tolerated going forward. A benefit of the doubt on the complicity (in the security challenge) of any Traditional Rulers and IMC Chairman would be granted at the moment however, going forward tolerance would not apply and appropriate measure would be employed in dealing with anyone in authority found wanting.

The Security architecture which is anchored on the recently assented bill on Imo Security Organization establishment, which would have the Traditional Rulers as the Chairman in their respective Communities, Membership of this would have the President General, the Youth Leader and the Women Leader. youths per community into the Imo Security Organization.

His Excellency expressed commitment and resolve to decisively deal with anyone found culpable in the sponsorship of these criminals, irrespective of status.

He also said that “This security architecture being proposed would inject new dimensions in the fight and dislodgment of these criminals within the state thereby ensuring adequate immediate and lasting solution to the security challenge being experienced”.

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The Imo State Government through the Commissioner of Information, Declan Emelumba says the statement credited to the PDP over the present state insecurity in the state is a clear case of self indictment of the party as the real perpetrators of insecurity in the state.

The Commissioner of Information, expressed concerns as why PDP in all that has been happening in Imo State, starting from the prison break where over 1000 hardened criminals were released, to the recent security challenges in the state, the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party PDP never for once condemned the wicked acts or called for peace in anyway and now suddenly making an insensible request.

In his statement “This is like all the unfortunate happenings in the state was a script been played and they think it is time to finally unveil their plans..

The Commissioner called on security agencies not to wait for any further evidence in arresting and prosecuting the leadership of the people’s Democratic party in the state for fueling insecurity in Imo.

He adds that the PDP in several fora has made it clear after the Supreme Court ruling that they will make the state ungovernable for the Governor and the recent happenings in the state is a clear manifestation of their plans which was escalated by the gruesome murder of Ahmed Gulak.

The Commissioner reassured Ndi Imo that Governor Uzodimma is on top of the situation for the safety of lives and Properties he swore an oath to protect.


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