Imo People Celebrate Governor Hope Uzodimma At 63

Yesterday, as the Executive Governor of Imo State, His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma marked his 63rd birthday anniversary, imolites gathered in their numbers to join the family, friends and associates of the governor in celebration and thanksgiving to the Lord for his grace.

The event which was meant to be a private one, saw troops of imolites into the government house in felicitation even as a thanksgiving service was held at the rear Admiral Ndubuisi kanu’s square to thank God for the year 2021.

The Imo thanksgiving 2021 which took place at the Capital City featured numerous religious leaders including the CAN president among others.

The elated governor expressed gratitude for the show of love and reaffirmed his dedication to the fulfillment of mandate “Ndi Imo” by ensuring developmental transformation of the state.

His Excellency, utilized the opportunity to once again elucidate on his policies and programs which are brewed to offer durability and efficiency on our system.

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His Excellency, the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, during his book launch, called on Ndi Igbo for a reinvent of their inherent gifts that has projected their dominance in various sectors of the economy within the nation and beyond.

In his speech during the presentation of the book, His Excellency affirmed that “For Ndigbo, the challenge of our generation is to insist on our inalienable birthright as citizens of Nigeria, who must coexist with other ethnic nationalities as equal partners. This is the rationale for my book that has just been presented to you. It is my own modest contribution on how the Igbos can overcome the existential challenges facing them today in project Nigeria. This accounts for the sense of fulfilment and joy that I derive from the presentation of this historic book.. REFLECTIONS ON THE IGBO QUESTION”.

It has become a tradition, over the years, that a resounding appeal for demarginalization dominates the discourse by Ndi Igbo but then for how long shall we continue to cry over this as against taking drastic and dedicated measures towards reaffirming our rightful place in the Federation.

His Excellency, called on the youths to appreciate the opportunities before them and embrace such instead of bemoaning the marginalization of Ndigbo and resorting to violence, which is self defeat. They should come up with pragmatic ways of conquering their fear. I don’t want our youths to think that somebody is holding down their destiny. I also don’t want them to continue to be frustrated by the deliberate policies of exclusion. Instead, I want them to be focused on the larger picture of liberation through technology, trade and commerce through which we can dominate Nigeria and dictate the pace of development.

Governor Hope Uzodimma referenced when the Jews found themselves in a similar situation such as Igbos of Nigeria, they simply used their talents to force the world to accede to their legitimate demand. Through technology and the media, the Jews now call the shots in major countries of the world including, the United States of America.

“That is the challenge before my people, the Igbos. We already have a country. We don’t need another one. We should rise and take our rightful place by unleashing our God – given talents, by working in concert and by being focused on the future which I believe holds a lot of promise. That, in a nutshell, is the essence of the book REFLECTIONS ON THE IGBO QUESTION. I am positive that you will all find the book informative, inspiring and reassuring”.

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