Nigerian Comedian Mr. Patrick’s Marriage in Crisis

Tammy Onyeke, the American wife of Nigerian stand-up comedian, Patrick Onyeke, popularly known as Mr. Patrick, has revealed that their 6-year marriage is on the verge of hitting rock bottom.

Tammy Onyeke in an interview, accused her husband of lying and cheating in their marriage.

According to her, her husband’s attitude completely changed after they applied for his green card. Tammy further alleged that Mr Patrick abandoned her since June 2021 and also pretended to love her so he could secure a Green Card.

“I don’t know what is going on with my husband. He came out with that video to make those statements. That is not my husband, and he doesn’t do social media tantrums. So when I saw the video, I texted my husband, “Is he okay?” because that’s not like him.

So since June, all these things have been happening to bring things to you. My husband has been gone since June. He moved out of the house, and I have only seen him twice. The six-year-old marriage is on the verge of a divorce due to lies and Infidelity”. She said.

Tammy also recounted the sacrifices she made including coming to Nigeria to learn how to make Nigerian dishes after they got married.

“Our first misunderstanding began after a Nigerian actress messaged my husband at 2 a.m. I thought it was an emergency. Maybe his dad and I saw a message saying, “baby, I am sorry I slept off.” So I said, who is this calling my husband.

“So I went to the actress’ page, I clicked on her story, there was a video. I saw my husband and the actress talking to someone, and then I asked the actress via her Instagram story, “Why are you calling my husband baby” do you know that that actress deleted that story?

“I went to my husband, and I woke him and questioned him. He said it’s not my business; he said it’s someone that was his business partner. I got all kinds of stories.

“I noticed the difference when we applied for Patrick’s Green Card. He started acting funny. He wasn’t kissing me, wasn’t touching me, for a whole year, he was acting funny, and I said I can’t take this anymore.” She added.

Meanwhile, the comedian in an interview with media personality, Daddy Freeze claimed that “wucked” Nigerians in the diaspora and fake friends are the ones seeking to destroy his marriage and get him deported.

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