The Imo State Government today met with the United States Ambassadorial team on a COVID-19 vaccination in the State.

Gov. Uzodimma in his address commended Kathleen Fitzgibbon, US Deputy Chief of Mission and her team for their support in the fight against the deadly pandemic.

The Governor called on all religious leaders, Traditional leaders and the people of Imo State to support and avail themselves for the mission to stay alive and protected from the virus.

The Governor further disclosed that the cause to stay alive against COVID-19 is an all expense paid cause by the United States Government and enjoined all to take advantage.

Speaking earlier, the head of US delegation commended the Governor for his political will in support to keep his people safe.

She further commended the media in the State that has made the essence of the COVID-19 vaccination Cristal clear to both the rural and urban communities in the State.

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