Port Harcourt Tragedy and the deafening silence

Francis Udoka Ndimkoha

Over the weekend, while Gov. Wike was away from Reverse State (Read Rivers State), over 21 persons reportedly died in a scenario that can best be described as hunger induced.

And because the Governor had dissolved his entire cabinet before jetting off in search of what he didn’t keep, the State was bare, without Executive Leadership.

It is sad that, till date, the State is yet to address the matter, or even assess the situation and visit the bereaved.

The silence that has greeted that tragedy, even in the media is shocking because, had this happened in Imo State, God forbid, you have heard all manner of postulations from people living with mental disabilities that manifests in selective humanity, selective audition and selective amnesia.

Well, Imo has, at least, been proved right, on her earlier stand on the scourge presently ravaging the Southeast. So, we are willingly forgiving all who merchandise their humanitarian voices, once Imo State is involved.

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