Just In: Job Opportunities In Ibeto Group


CMI Communications Limited, a registered trademark and member of The Ibeto Group, is presently accepting applications from qualified candidates to join our talent factory at Choice 97.1 FM Nnewi for the listed roles:

  • Team Lead, Business Development.
  • Retail Sales Specialist.
  • Corporate Sales Specialist.
  • Team Lead, News & Programs.
  • On Air Presenters (English & Local Languages).
  • Content Editors.
  • Content Reporters & Writers.
  • Studio Production Specialist.
  • Disc Jockey / Sound Mixing Specialist.
  • ICT & Equipments Technician.
  • Team Lead, Administration.
  • Accounts & Records Specialist.
  • Digital Media Intern (NYSC).
  • Research & Development Intern (NYSC).
  • Guest Reach Out Intern (NYSC).
  • Facility Maintenance Officers.


Choice 97.1 FM Nnewi is poised to break records and set brand new irreducible standards in radio broadcasting in the South East and adjourning states as a result of which our operations, products and services stand on a tripod of professionalism, creativity and excellence.

To join our team, candidates must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Provide verifiable documentary proof of having acquired an education.
  • Demonstrate advanced ability to seamlessly read, write, communicate in and comprehend English language alongside other Nigerian language.
  • Demonstrate ability to utilize social media platforms especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to generate sales leads as well as basic office tech tools like digital cameras, MS Word, PowerPoint, 3D animation, Corel Draw, Google search engines and zoom etc for research, communication and other purposes.
  • Demonstrate possession of strong work ethics – top notch creativity, independence, team work, flexibility, analytic and entrepreneurial capabilities required to excel in a healthy, dynamic and fast growing work space.
  • Demonstrate clear capacity and competence to work and healthily compete as a team member alongside other young, exposed, future focused, upwardly mobile and career oriented persons.
  • Provide video or audio or references or other testimonials of past performance on similar job roles (for experienced candidates).

Interested candidates are requested to send a copy (PDF ONLY) each of the listed document to recruitment@jobscenter.ng with the position being applied for as subject:

  1. An updated CV with a valid email address.
  2. A one page personal / career statement.

Experienced candidates are required to indicate accordingly.

Entries close on July 15th 2022.

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