Mbaka and Peter Obi

So far, so awful,

We have seen Nigerians, mostly, Christians, from East, hurling invectives at Rev. Fr. Camillus Ejike Mbaka.

We have not seen many people screaming “Touch not my annoy-thing.”

Fr. Mbaka, for the records, is not enmeshed in a Sex scandal or fake miracle episode, which is rampant in these parts.

Even if we were to argue that his statement wasn’t a prophecy, which, by the way, we can’t logically prove, and even if we feel free to argue that he’s after money (and he’s not hungry by any standard, he’s an entrepreneur of note and landlord at 9th mile industrial park), it is certain that as a Nigerian, his fundamental human right to freedom of expression should be protected.

The man we are defending knows better than us all, in this case. His elder sister is a Reverend Sister and his younger brother is equally a Reverend Father, in the same Catholic faith, so he knows, in clear terms, how best to sort things out with Fr. Mbaka.

But come to think of it, a smart politician who should rather not allow supporters lead him astray will, as a matter of urgent importance, fix an issue that threatens his very support base. No matter how he chooses to look at it. It cannot be wished away.

Again, ask yourself why Mbaka still enjoys mammoth followership, despite the controversy that trailed his prophecy of the coming of Buhari of the eve of 2015 and the reality of it all, today.

I expect to be disagreed with, and probably, insulted too, since that’s the new love language, but I have a duty to speak my mind and then sit back and enjoy the rest of the comic opera.

  • Francis Udoka Ndimkoha.

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