Stand up for yourself!

Francis Udoka Ndimkoha.

When Fr. Mbaka blessed the other saviour in manacles, we hailed him to high heavens, and we flattered him like a dog, told him to shun his owner, the Bishop, and keep talking.

We even attacked the Bishop’s court, to send a message to the Bishop, that he was a nobody, to dare call our Reverend Gentleman to order.

Some of us, who have been serially and falsely accused of not standing with the “people” spoke up in defense of the Bishop. We asserted that by virtue of the ordination vows, which is renewed, yearly, at the foot of the Bishop, the Catholic Bishop OWNS the priest in his Episcopal jurisdiction and can order him around, and even vacate his faculties of priesthood. But then, we were even called more names.

It is funny how we’re suddenly up in arms, against our revered priest, and some are even calling on the same Bishop they denigrated to sanction him, because he went near our new Messiah.

We do have a right to switch messianic positions, at our leisure, but we shouldn’t expect the world to adjust to it, always. And our revered priest also has the right his choices, which must not align with our sentiments.

Good enough, the church is infallible and does not operate the way it plays out in the heads of misguided enthusiasts.

The fact remains that we just have to stop leading people to their ruin with uninformed cheers.

We must learn to stand up for ourselves and stop the bandwagon effect!

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