Just In: UNN Student Hospitalised After Lecturer Allegedly Broke Her Head with Stone

A100-level student of Department of English, Faculty of Humanities, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State, identified as Blessing, has been hospitalized after one of her lecturers, Mr Ukwueze Ogochukwu, allegedly broke her head on Monday, February 13.

It was gathered that Ukwueze, from the Faculty of Humanities, threw a stone at a group of students and it unfortunately hit the girl.

According to reports, trouble started after his class ended at 7:00 am and the students scrambled to sign his attendance. Out of annoyance, Ukwueze allegedly threw a stone into the crowd of students.

The stone hit Blessing on the head and she started bleeding profusely. She was said to have passed out a moment later and was rushed to the school’s medical center.

In one of the videos currently circulating on social media, Blessing could be seen being carried away in a bike. In another video, she was lying in a hospital bed and in visible pains.

Meanwhile, her colleagues later stormed the admin office to stage a protest and demand for the lecturer’s immediate dismissal.

Narrating what happened in a video obtained by The Activist Media, one of the students said the lecturer simply threw stones at them.

“…before we knew what was happening, we just saw stone, the stone almost hit me. I was like, was it stone that this man threw at us? Before we know what’s going on, the man picked up another stone and aimed it at the girls’ head and she started bleeding.

“We thought it was a play until Blessing fainted. Her blood could be found along the road. The students helped to take her to the medical centre using a motorcycle.

“The students out of annoyance, accosted the Lecturer but the final year students came to his rescue.”

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