Kemdi Chino OparaGets Full Backing Of The Custodians Of Truth, The Highest Spiritual Social Grouping In Igbo Society

…As The Imo State Council Of Ndi Nze Na Ozo Endorse Him For Governor.

The Gubernatorial ambition of the Young Progressives Party (YPP) flagbearer, High Chief Dr kemdi Chino Opara has received the blessing of the Igbo ancestors through the ndi Nze na Ozo, the sacred representation of the ancestors in human form. They gave the Mbieri-born philanthropist their full backing in the governorship race thereby adopting him as their prefered candidate. This endorsement has given his support base the desired robust boost ahead of the November 11, 2023 polls in Imo State.

During the adoption ceremony which took place yesterday at the country home of Dr. Kemdi Opara in Obazu Mbieri in Mbaitoli local government area of the State, the Nzes known to be the spiritual heads of their various communities and operating under the aegis of the Imo State Council of Ndi Nze na Ozo expressed their eagerness to form a strategic synergy with the YPP flagbearer and his team so as to help him win the forthcoming governorship election in the State, and also support him to actualize his election promises in his manifesto when he is sworn-in as governor.

A release signed by Rt. Hon Michael Anyanwu, Deputy Director, Media and Communications says the ndi Nze na Ozo who came from the three Senatorial zones of Imo State and are legitimately in possession of the Ofo and Ogu that symbolize authority and Justice which bestows them with the right to talk to the ancestors of Imo State, unanimously, exercising their prerogative endorsed Chief Opara for the Governorship position; Noting that their decision to give him their strong backing emanated from the fact that he is eminently qualified and his vision-driven manifesto is endearing.

Assuring to galvanize grassroots support and votes for him in the coming election, the revered traditional leaders held as the Conscience of the Society as the custodians of Truth in their various communities maintained that his educational background and international exposure instills confidence in them that he will perform exceptionally well in enthroning the long desired good governance and quality leadership in the State, adding that they will also play advisory roles to help him succeed in governance and industrialization of the the State.

The Nzes who are important custodians of truth in the Igbo society decried the rising poverty and hardship in Imo State and the unlucky situation of the State being governed by people who lack good educational background who then end up having nothing to offer the State and its People.

Expressing their unflinching confidence in Dr Kemdi Chino Opara to make a huge positive difference in the State and make the people enjoy a clean breath of fresh air, the Imo State Council of Ndi Nze appealed to him not to forget to elevate the status of the Council through an Act of Parliament to enable them help him fight insecurity in the verious communities of the State.

Thanking the ndi Nze na Ozo for the endorsement, the YPP Governorship Candidate assured them of running an all-inclusive and people-oriented government which 75 percent of the cabinet will be made up of youths if he secures the mandate of Ndi Imo to be Imo Governor. He reiterated his commitment to pursue vigorously his 5 point development agenda of  restoring peace and security, free education, quality healthcare delivery, massive infrastructural development and ensuring sustainable economic prosperity in the State.

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