Osinbajo Commends Uzodimma On His One Year Achievements


There is no doubt that Gov. Hope Uzodimma has become the beautiful bride of the nation and so has become the most sort after amongst his contemporaries. Reasons for these are very much clear that he has indeed distinguished himself in leadership and has proven to be that kind of a leader with the audacity to change the cause of his people, initiate projects that will take the state to the next level of uncommon transformation.

The Vice President’s visit to imo state today for the second time since this year is a true testament that success will always attract success and so has Gov. Hope Uzodimma been attracting men of goodwill to the state thereby repositioning the state for a better future. Prof. Yemi Osibanjo is one man and a leader that cannot be cowed or cajoled into praise singing of failed leaders in the country rather he has constantly stood side by side with the principles of people oriented leadership and the provision of the dividends of democracy to the people and Gov. Hope Uzodimma is not far fetched in all these.

Each time the Vice President visits the state he is usually thrilled and amazed at the unprecedented and uncommon transformation going on in Imo state and no wonder in his last visit to the state declared and posited, “I see great Hope…”. Whether this coincides with the Governor’s name or the former slogan of the state as land of hope, one thing that can be deduced and correlated is that Gov. Hope Uzodimma is doing well for imo people.

With his eyes, Vice President Osibanjo has seen the enormous support Gov. Hope Uzodimma enjoys as well as his general acceptance by imo people not because of any other thing but his giant strides and the way he has been able to pilot the leadership of the state. This no doubt shows the pragmatic style of the governor and how he has been able to drive home developmental projects in all the nooks and crannies of the state and for sure worths the commendation of men of goodwill and that is why the Vice President will always eulogize and commend the giant strides of Gov. Hope Uzodimma in Imo state.

It is unfortunate that in the light of this undaunted realities of the Gov. Hope Uzodimma led administration, some enemies of the state decided to launch their attacks on the early hours of Monday morning just to make it look like the Governor and the Chief Security Officer of the state has lost control of the security of the state ahead of the Vice President’s visit but thankfully their plans met a brick wall and normalcy has been restored back to the state. Indeed, Gov. Hope Uzodimma is not a man to be threatened or a leader that can be arm twisted as he remains focused and dedicated to duty.

The worthy commendations of Vice President Yemi Osibanjo over Gov. Hope Uzodimma’s achievements is a clear message to Ndi imo that the leadership of the state is not resting on its oars to change the narratives of the state and while carrying out these tasks, it is not unnoticed rather it is being recognized all over the country and equally attracting international recognition and therefore Imo state is blessed with Gov. Hope Uzodimma.

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