Ahmad Isah ‘Ordinary President’ Apologises For Slapping Woman In Viral Video

Ahmad Isah, ‘Ordinary President’

Ahmad Isah, a human rights activist popularly known as ‘Ordinary President’, who was seen slapping a woman in a viral BBC video, has apologized.

He was seen slapping a lady who was accused of setting her niece ablaze over an allegation of witchcraft.

Isah on Wednesday while speaking on the incident on the show apologised for his action.

According to him, he was triggered and got emotional after seeing the pain the young girl was passing through. The activist appealed for forgiveness from those who were disappointed by his action, adding that he is bound to make mistakes as a human being

“I apologise to everyone that I have offended in one way or the other. Please, I’m a human being and bound to make mistakes.

“I was triggered by the zeal and passion in me. As a human being, even computers tend to malfunction, there is blood flowing in my veins, I tend to get emotional sometimes.

“Whenever I do anything out-of-control on the basis of emotions, I always apologise when I realise it and correct the mistakes. For those disappointed in me, please forgive me. For those I have offended, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I’m only but a human being,” he said.


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