Breaking: Hon. Chike Okafor moves a Motion to Curb Fake, Substandard and Counterfeit Products


Hon. (Dcn) Chike John Okafor

The House:
Notes that the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) is vested with the powers to seize and confiscate sub-standard or counterfeit products manufactured or imported into the country;

Also notes that the organisation is vested with supervisory and prosecutorial power against importers, manufacturers and producers of counterfeit products into the domestic market of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

Further notes that SON is failing in its mandate to investigate and enforce the standard of quality products in the Nigerian domestic market and to create value for money for products manufactures in or imported into the country.
Worried that the overwhelming number of fake products including electrical, electronics, household appliances and equipment, building materials and automobile parts has become a menace in the country;

Also worried that the proliferation of sub-standard products creates a disincentive to investments and local production, which negatively affects the country’s economy as foreign investors and Nigerian Entrepreneurs who contribute significantly to the economy are closing down due to their inability to compete with fake and sub-standard products dumped into Nigeria;

Further worried that counterfeit goods are dangerous to health as people died as a result of using sub-standard products in the country;

Concerned that the recurring tragedy of collapsed buildings has mostly been linked to the use of sub-standard building materials and most vehicular accidents have been attributed to sub-standard mechanical parts and tyres imported into the country;

Cognizant that goods produced or imported into Nigeria should be of a standard that does not put lives at risk, encourages local industries and foreign investments into Nigeria and provide value for money;

Resolves to:
Mandate the Committees on Commerce and Industry to investigate the proliferation of sub-standard products in Nigeria with a view to taking proactive measures to curb the situation and report within three (3) weeks for further legislative action.

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