See What Prof. Obiaraeri Says About Sir Alex Mbata



The times are hard no doubt.🤔

We are living in difficult and perilous times but we must not lose our sense of appreciation and gratitude.

With too much hate, unhappiness and unease in the air, it may as well be a soothing balm to talk about a practical lover of humanity and consensus builder.

The chameleon said that it cannot because of the burning bush stop walking majestically in the way and manner of its forebears. That is a literal English language translation of an Igbo proverb with deep meaning!

Today, we celebrate a good spirited man of excellence – Prince Alex Mbata.

He is highly cerebral, cosmopolitan, has deep pocket yet disarmingly unassuming.

Successful people do not wear unnecessary air of importance. Their confidence and simplicity truly speak for them.

Prince Alex Mbata, native of Ngwoma in Owerri North LGA of Imo State, is a rare breed phenomenal leader and developmental politician.

He is not your kind of “apex leader” or other appellation hungry politician, yet he is a true leader of leaders by doings!

YES, he is an undisputed apex leader of leaders by SELFLESS DOINGS!

He is not your kind of noisy emergency philanthropist billboard charity organisation promoter or one of those who do saraka for the sake of politics.

He does not give for the cameras or for camera effects.

He is spiritually motivated knowing that Blessed is the Hand that Giveth.

The handsome, debonair and soft spoken Prince gives and gives and gives and will continue to give to humanity.

Prince Alex Mbata, more popularly known as ABM in the Corporate world, is not a stranger to kind gestures and life changing humanitarian courses.

He is an elite with deep empathy and pro-poor sympathy, a profound promoter of justice, not an oppressor and does not play oppressive politics.

He loves people and people love him in return.

By verifiable chains of agelong acts of public good and humanitarian deeds, across the State and beyond, he has shown that “uba ABM abughi uba nmegbu”.

Prince Alex Mbata nwere obi madu, owu nwoke obi sari sari. Ona enyere umu ogbenye na ndi odi namkpa aka.

Call him okpata enye oha na eze, if you like.

Recently, he constructed a 2km road with drainage and street lights in Owerri Capital territory to alleviate the infrastructural needs of our people.

But for the inevitable media blitz around this statesmanly act, following the commissioning of that road by the Governor of Imo State, many would not have known about it.

Truth is that this human capital development guru, maverick employer of labour and empowerment monster had silently done more than that (whether in road construction, scholarship awards, building for indigent people or giving palliatives) in the past deploying private resources.

His excellent record of duty tour as erstwhile Chairman of the Governing Council of Imo State University, Owerri bear eloquent testimony to his pragmatic altruism.

That is what it should be from our other wealthy people who should look inwards and emulate ABM and begin to help to develop our motherland.

Biko, inye jide change kirikiri, ya me ka ABM na ala Igbo.

Prince Alex has done noble, although that is his usual trademark.

Prince ABM, jide nke iji.


Kam biakwa… Happy Sunday all.🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️

Biko gwazie ndi yard unu inugo…A new normal is possible!

🖋️ Prof. Nnamdi Obiaraeri☆☆☆☆☆ 5-Star Civilian General etc.

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